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MSET Ramapo College

EDTC 631: Brains

Midterm (Zooming Into Matter presentation) (notes)

  • Course: Physical Science (Chemistry)
  • Target Audience: On-grade, special education, and honors 8th grade students
  • Essential Questions: How do we build and refine models that describe and explain the natural and designed world? What is matter? How small are atoms? Why are they important?

Final – WebQuest: Eco-Engineers!

    • Course: Science/STEM
    • Target Audience: Middle School Students
    • Essential Question: How can we improve our school’s impact on the environment?
    • Teacher Page

EDTC 633: Tools for Data

Excel Project Presentation (MSET Excel Project- Bozenmayer) Excel file (RUNspeedlab)

  • Course: Physical Science (Physics), Interdisciplinary with Mathematics
  • Target Audience: On-grade, special education, and honors 8th grade students
  • Goal/Objective: Students will generate data, input into Excel, then interpret the slope of an Excel-generated graph to answer the question: “What is the effect of moving different ways on a person’s speed?”

Moodle Project (Science Happens Every Day Moodle)

  • Course: 8th grade Physical Science (Energy and Newton’s Laws)
  • Target Audience: 8th grade science students
  • Goal/Objective: A guiding resource for students to access course materials, submit assignments, and reference valuable web resources and other related files.

Google Sites Project (Macopin STEM Club website)

  • Course: Macopin School’s After School STEM Club
  • Target Audience: 7th and 8th grade students 
  • Essential Questions: A resource for students to access club meeting schedules, submit project ideas, and keep informed about STEM Club events and activities.

EDTC 635: Tools for Visualizing Information

Google Maps Mini-Project (Around Town in West Milford presentation) (project instructions)

  • Course: STEM
  • Target Audience: 7th and 8th grade S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) students.
  • Essential Questions: The goal of this project is to utilize tools within Google Maps to collect real-world data about routes of travel in an area familiar to students. Students will then use that data to propose a solution that is supported by evidence.

You-Tube Mini-Project (How To: Google Sites presentation) (YouTube Playlist)

  • Course: AHA! (After Hours Professional Development Class)
  • Target Audience: Teachers and staff, district-wide
  • Goal/Objective: This instructional video playlist guides viewers through the process of setting up a Google Site.

Final Project (Save the Penguins presentation) (Project website)

  • Course: 8th grade Physical Science
  • Target Audience: 8th grade science students
  • Essential Question: What ways does heat transfer impact humans, animals, and the environment?

EDTC 710: Tools for the Development of Instruction

Final Capstone Project (Physics of Sports Project Website)

(Student projects are administered through Google Classroom)

  • Course: 8th grade Physical Science (Physics)
  • Target Audience: 8th grade science students
  • Essential Questions: How can science help me become a better athlete or competitor? Why do objects move the way they do (or not move at all)?
  • Project Planning Calendar


EDLD601: Effective Leadership and School Management

Persuasive Argument Presentation (From A’s to Zzzzzzs- A School Day Timed For Students)

Piktochart Project: How to Build a Great Principal


EDLD602: Best Practices in Curriculum Planning

Unit Plan: Solar System


EDLD603: Evaluation and Supervision

Final Observation (As Observer) Source     Ratings and Recommendations



Final Project