My Educational Philosophy

My Philosophy of Education

“Ability is what you’re capable of doing.”

Each child has the innate ability to succeed. They have individual talents and interests, and a successful educator will nurture and develop these so that each child feels they are in control of their own success. Today’s society is extremely competitive, and children must have a teacher than can guide them through the tough spots, praise them on their victories, and encourage them to take on new challenges and endeavors.

“ Motivation determines what you do.”

Without a desire to learn more and accomplish great things, students could easily fall through the cracks. Fostering a passion for learning, and promoting perseverance will set children on a life-long road of triumph over defeat. I set goals for myself each and every day, whether it is something as simple as trying out a new recipe or as complex and long-term as embarking on a new career, I know that having a purpose gives meaning to each and every one of my actions. I will support my students in their quests to satisfy the goals they create for themselves.  I will include their interests, input, and feedback into my lessons so that they can fuel the progress we make together with their own personal aspirations.

“ Attitude determines how well you do it.”                                            –Lou Holtz, NCAA football coach

A positive and respectful attitude is paramount in interactions with peers, family, friends and our environment. By creating a positive, safe and welcoming atmosphere in my classroom, the tone will be set for success. Just as laughter is contagious, so is a positive, assertive attitude. An optimistic outlook will guide our interactions, our lessons, and determine the amount of FUN we can achieve while always working together to accomplish the tasks at hand.



Why do I want to teach?

I want to teach because:

  1. I love learning.
  2. I am captivated by the enthusiasm of children learning new things.
  3. I know that my passion and energy is a great asset in a classroom.
  4. I want to help children accomplish great things.