About Me

I began teaching at Macopin Middle School in September 2010. Before I became a middle school science teacher, I worked in Franklin Lakes elementary schools as their district Discovery teacher (similiar to Learning Unlimited here in WM) for one year, and before that I worked at Somerset County Park Commission as an environmental educator for 5 years (where I taught infants>>adults about nature and science, and ran a science summer camp for 7-9 year olds), and before that I worked at CENTRAL PARK ZOO!! (so cool) as a Zoo Educator, and before that I worked at Greenburgh Nature Center as Nature Center Intern, and before that I worked at the Conservancy of Southwest Florida as Museum/Animal Care Intern.
I’ve traveled the East Coast trying all sorts of things, and now I have settled here at Macopin School in 2010.


I also am the volunteer goalie coach for GIRLS FIELD HOCKEY and GIRLS LACROSSE at West Milford High School! Go Highlanders!


For fun outside of school, I played ROLLER DERBY for the Garden State Rollergirls  (www.gardenstaterollergirls.com) for 7 years before retiring in Spring 2014. I like to hike, and bake, and use power tools to both fix and break things.


Other fun things: I have three cats named Fern, India and Neko. I have a weakness for chocolate chip cookies and corny science jokes. I name my cars and have a very extensive collection of Converse sneakers. My whole family is crazy for science (Mom- retired science teacher, Dad- chemist,  Little Brother- Environmental Policy/Mycological Hobbiest).


Contact me:

Mary Bozenmayer