Welcome to the Physics of Sports Project Home Page!

The goal of this project is to connect your knowledge of Energy and Newton’s Laws of Motion to the sport or activity of your choice…. and then figure out how to get even better at your activity using your knowledge of PHYSICS!

  • How can PHYSICS help you become better at SPORTS?

  • Why do objects move the way they do (or not move at all)? 

The menu at the top of this page will bring you to the project description, a sample presentation, the project rubric and timeline, archived student projects and other resources you may find helpful as you work on your project. Hover over the menu items to see everything that is available to help you!

Need to REVIEW any of the Physics content we have learned in the last few weeks?   Use the “Learn Physics!” tab to brush up on your Physics skills. 

Ready to begin your PHYSICS OF SPORTS PROJECT???  Click HERE to begin!

Visiting teachers, check out the Teacher Tips and Tricks page to find out how this project can help you meet many middle school Next Generation Science Standards in your classroom. Want to know what sort of projects are made by real students? Hover over “Helpful Resources and Info” in the menu above to navigate to the student project pages.

If you have any questions about the Physics of Sports project, contact your science teacher.



Questions about this website or project details? Email me at mary.bozenmayer@wmtps.org

Mary Bozenmayer, 8th Grade Physical Science & STEM, Macopin School

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